I’ve been thinking about writing this post for a little while now, but never seem to get around to it. I know that I’m massively late to the 2017 blog post party, but I didn’t really think about it for quite a while. I wanted to refocus and find out what I really wanted to achieve rather than a token guesture that would likely fail like previously. I’ve split this out into two main categories below: Personal and Professional Development.

Personal Development

Health & Fitness

This is my primary goal for 2017. I’ll be honest and say that 2015 & 2016 wasn’t exactly the greatest for me. So much so, I acquired the name “the feeder” at my previous job. I was always eating. As we all know, eating & a sedentary job means weight gain. I topped out at 106kg approximately. For me, as a former athlete, this was massive.

Starting off just after Christmas, I purchased both a Fitbit Charge 2 and the Fitbit Aria to begin my transformation (I’ll post my thoughts on these products soon). I am tracking as much data as I can including water/food consumption, weight/body fat and mood. With all the data, I hope to make small adjustments (heklo agile!) rather than big shocking changes that i’ve previously made. Exercise is not the biggest part of this, it’s the nutrional side. So far this month, I have seen a big change. I haven’t been as on plan as I would have liked, but I am correcting this day by day and trying to make healthier choices.


For me, the goal of linguistics falls into two parts: writing and foreign languages. As I blog more throughout the year, I know that my writing will naturally improve as and when I get feedback on posts. As I begin to read more books, i’ll learn new and exciting words/phrases that will aid with this also.

As a British person, I am always amazed everytime that I travel to a different country. Nearly everyone seems to be able to speak English, but we (myself included) cannot return the pleasantaries. So for this aim, i’ve downloaded and began using an app called Duolingo to begin learning Dutch. Why Dutch? I seem to be there every year now for dance events so it would be nice to speak the language as to not be so ignorant when I travel. I’m off there again next month, so I highly doubt i’ll be able to say anything useful, but i’m putting in a solid shift with the aim of being able to order some food in Dutch.


The above two goals require a strong mindset as there will be the enevitible ups and downs. For this, I have taken inspiration from the likes of Jocko Willink. Jocko is co-author of a book called Extreme Ownership and hosts his own podcast. The podcast is what has been the primary driver behind the changes that I am making. One particular aspect that I liked is when Jocko was talking about a person failing in a situation when he was in the seal teams, to which he responded with “Good!”. Why good? Well, out of every bad situation comes a chance to learn and progress not only yourselves, but potentially others. Taking a positive spin on everything can only be a good thing!

Professional Development


I fail at this level in so many ways. If I can just be consistent with getting back to people on LinkedIn, writing more consistently and posting relevant, interesting content then I would be happy. I used to think that blogging was only about writing long technical articles, but there is so much more than that. I hope to open up about what i’m doing both technical and non-technical in the coming months.


After changing my job role towards the back end of last year, I will be looking at consolidating my position and growing within the role. It’s my first senior role, so I am getting used to the additional responsibilities that it brings. Moreover, I have transferred from the telecommunications industry to creative. Personally, I think getting a broad set of industry experience is crucial for developers as each industry will present different challenges. It’s also my first time working with a CMS system. Coming from a non-CMS background, some quirks have definitely caught me by surprise!

So that wraps up what I imagine 2017 to be like for me. I’ll keep myself accountable by posting regular updates on social media and here on the blog every few months. Thanks for reading, see you again soon!