Over the past month I’ve rebooted my YouTube Channel as I’ve had some additional time to sit down and think about how I want things to go moving forward. Here are some of the key updates from the channel. Be sure to take a look and let me know your thoughts.

Style Updates

As with any reboot, you take a look at what’s there initially and see what can be improved. A number of key things I noticed were:

  • It took a long time to get to the actual content in some videos - in the newer videos, I try to get to the point quicker so you get your questions answered
  • Look/Feel update - Some of the thumbnails left a little bit to be desired, so with help from the VidIQ community, I had a go at making some more appealing thumbnails to go with the newer content. Let me know what you think in the comments or on Twitter
  • Shorts - Some of the videos that I want to make don’t really fit into a longer form content, so over the next few
  • Targetted playlists - As I develop more content, I want it to be a bit easier for you to discover related content. For example, as I upload more OpenTelemetry Videos over the coming weeks it’ll be handy to watch them all so you can see the full power of OpenTelemetry.

New Content

Distribute your csproj settings via NuGet

Want to know how to set your global usings across all your packages simply by using a .NET NuGet package? Then this is the video for you. I’ll show you how to setup your NuGet package and which properties and files to create for all the magic to happen.

How to use Git to Save your .NET Source Generator Output Files

Ever wanted to see the files generated by .NET Source Generators? Ever wondered what the effect of your changes to your generators are? Well this is the video for you. See how you can output the generated files and potentially save them in Git.

Warning: if you generate thousands of generated files and don’t tell you co-workers first, they might be annoyed…. :D

Github Issue Templates: A Look at the New Issue Templates

In this video - we take a look at how I’ve setup my personal project to use the new issue templates which are currently in beta at the time of recording (2022-06-21).

Publish Release Assets With The Github CLI

In a new format for me, learn how to publish an artifact to a Github Release quickly and easily using the Github CLI on Github Actions. Source code available to all of my sponsors.