You’ve come here because you like the content that I develop and you want to support me on my journey, or you think your product/service would be a great fit for my audience.

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About Me

Hi there ๐Ÿ‘‹ - I’m Stu, it’s a pleasure to e-meet you! I’m Stu, it’s a pleasure to e-meet you! I’m a highly experienced software engineer & architect. Currently, I’m helping start ups grow utilizing .NET Core and high-quality, performant micro-services based on AWSs. Day to day, I split my work between looking after our developers experience through tooling automation and helping teams scale themselves and their software.

  • ๐ŸŒฑ AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate & AWS Certified Developer Associate
  • ๐Ÿ“ซ You can watch my YouTube videos all on things .NET/AWS, contact me on Twitter and read a few entries on my blog

For Brands

Reach over 5,000 developers each month across two of my fast growing platforms:

  • This website: 31% year on year growth on views*
  • My YouTube channel:44% year on year subscriber growth*

* Figures compared August 2021 & August 2022 sourced from Google Analytics & Youtube Analytics.

Overtime, as my social presence grows - i’ll open up other options that will be available to sponsor such as Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook.


My ultimate vision is to help all engineers by giving them the tools solves their problems. This could be demonstrating how to do a particular thing in a video or sharing my thoughts on an upcoming release of a piece of software.

I see long-term partnerships with brands a key part of problem solving puzzle. By opening myself up to sponsorship, I will start to lay the foundations needed for me to be able to launch things in the future like a developer conference or new free to consume training series.


A key part to any long or short term relationship is the foundations on which the relationship is built.

  • Ultimately, it’s my reputation on the line first and foremost, so I need to trust you and the product(s) that you wish to advertise. If I’ve not used your product or service before, I will ask to review this for myself before agreeing to starting the relationship. I don’t want to advertise anything I haven’t personally used.
  • Part of trust is full transparency. This is a non-negotiable for me. I will be honest and open with you from day 1 and I will expect the same in return. My audience also expects openness and transparency from me so your advertisement will be clearly displayed as an advert (specifics will be platform dependent, eg: Instagram would have #ad at the start or end of the post).
  • I focus on whatโ€™s best for my audience, brand awareness, and long-term relationships. For example, advertising lawn mowers to developers isn’t a great fit for either side in my view.
  • Strictly no link-building efforts - all links will be nofollow.
  • Everything must be backed by a contract so that both parties are protected from a legal standpoint. This will need to be signed prior to any work starting.

Website Sponsorship

Traffic for each content piece I create will naturally depend on a number of factors including the platform that the content is developed for (eg: blog / YouTube), the focus of the content (eg: technical how-to vs life update).

Beyond traffic measured to the website, there’s also extensive use of the RSS feed by both news readers and other services which consume from it.

Costing is covered in the initial call that we will have together - details below.


Currently, the breakdown of my viewership comes from the following countries:

Country~% of sessions
United States27.2%
United Kingdom9.5%

Only the top 5 are listed for brevity.

The age groups viewing blog/website is broken down as:

Age Group~% of sessions

It’ll come as no surprise that for the industry, gender is heavily biased towards a male audience:

Gender~% of sessions

All data reported from Google Analytics. Given the industry is heavily skewed towards males, it’s reasonable to assume a large proportion of the unknowns would be of typical tech demographics. For complete transparency here, I have not made any assumptions about this data.

Youtube Sponsorship

Sponsorship of YouTube videos will generally fall into one of the following categories:

  • First Minute
  • Mid-roll
  • Last Minute
  • Fully Sponsored Video (eg: unbiased product review)

Unless you’re sponsoring a full video, there will be a hard cap of 15 seconds for your advertisement as generally speaking, advertisements are retention killers. A 5-10 second advert is preferred. Otherwise, I’m happy to have your pre-canned sponsorship roll in (subject to approval - ie: no encouraging violence etc), or to read/develop a small script for your advertisement.

Costing is covered in the initial call that we will have together - details below.


Currently there is an issue with my YouTube analytics for demographics and a large number of viewers are unknown. I am investigating this with YouTube support. This is the data that I have at the moment:

Country~% of sessions
United States6%
United Kingdom1.6%

The age groups viewing my videos is broken down as:

Age Group~% of sessions

It’ll come as no surprise that for the industry, gender is heavily biased towards a male audience:

Gender% of sessions

Getting Started / How much does this cost

The easiest ways to reach out to me are via email or reach out from a brand account on Twitter.

From here, we will arrange a call to discuss your requirements and discuss the fine print such as terms, duration & pricing. Please come prepared with the following information:

  • The type of advert that you want to run;
  • How long you want the advert to run;
  • Approximate start date;
  • Budget for the engagement;


What does it look like?

Your message will be prominently displayed at the top of all articles like so:

The whole banner is clickable using the link decided upon during negotiation.

Can I get access to data on impressions or click throughs?

I don’t track either in part because they’re spread across a variety of different mediums (blog, podcast, YouTube, social media) and in part because focusing on these metrics is not what the sponsorship model is intended to be about. I do, however, encourage sponsors to track clicks on the destination resource.

Can I sponsor individual posts or target specific demographics?

Sponsorship covers every article on this site and is served to every visitor regardless of their demographic.

Can I add markup to the sponsor message?

Italics is fine, anything else is a discussion to be had around aesthetic continuity and not appearing spammy.

For Individuals

First of all, thank you for coming this far - I really hope you enjoy the content that I create. Currently, I only have Github Sponsors setup, where you can either specify a custom amount or support me each month and receive access to all of the code that I work with. Any support is greatly appreciated.

I plan a lot more options to be available in 2023 and I’m always looking for suggestions too!

Feel free to jump in the Discord and have a chat with me any time :)