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OpenMessage 2017 Roadmap

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OpenMessage originally started out as a replacement for an internal library that was used across teams. At the time, the team I was apart of needed the latest version of dotnet core for the library where as the other team were stuck on RC1. They were also developing features for that version of the framework and a few pre-existing details that we were unhappy with (eg: the request/response implementation). With that in mind, I created a minimal wrapper for what we needed. Looking forward, I plan to dedicate a bit more time to the project and improve it.

Message Queue Fundementals: MSMQ

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MSMQ is Microsoft’s Message Queuing service that can be used to implement both synchronous and asynchronous solutions. Typically solutions are architectured using the available C++ API’s or via the relevant COM objects. The .Net Framework exposes the System.Messaging namespace which contains all the classes that you need to work with the MSMQ API.

Message Queue Fundementals: Introduction

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Message queues are a substantial part of modern day enterprise architectures and a vital part of providing scalable solutions. They are designed for asynchronous communication between different parts of the system. They help scale individual components of a system and increase reliability with the optional addition of the persistence of messages to a storage system.