Cloud Patterns

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  • Anti-Corruption Layer

    The Anti-Corruption Layer is a design pattern that prevents incompatible systems from affecting each other. It acts as a translator, ensuring that the receiving system converts data and requests for services into an understandable and usable format. This layer safeguards the integrity of both systems, enabling smooth interaction without compromising their respective designs.

  • Asynchronous Request-Reply

    Asynchronous Request-Reply is a communication pattern in cloud computing where a request is sent to a service without requiring an immediate response. The reply is received asynchronously, allowing the system to handle other tasks in the meantime. This pattern enhances efficiency and scalability by decoupling the request and response processes.

  • Bulkhead

    The Bulkhead pattern in cloud computing is inspired by ship design. It isolates elements of an application into compartments, ensuring that if one fails, the others remain unaffected. This pattern enhances system resilience and prevents failures from cascading through the application.