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Building Service Fabric Apps With VSTS YML Build Definitions

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In my previous article, we setup a standarised build using the new YML build definitions within VSTS, using the .Net CLI tooling. In this article, we will use the same setup as our base, but we will build and publish a service fabric application. Our sample build file has the following steps: Clean Sources Install the Dotnet CLI Restore Packages Build Projects Test Projects Publish the Web App Publish Build Artifacts Tag VSTS Build For our service fabric build, we will need the following steps:

Automated Builds in VSTS with YML Build Definitions

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In this article we will explore a preview feature inside of Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) called YML Build Definitions. In essence, this allows you to change your build process from a .yml file in your git repository much in the same way as you can do with other services such as AppVeyor. During the article, we will setup a build definition for an Aspnet Core website. Prerequisites Before we take a look at the struture of the file, you will need to complete the following tasks:


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As part of my role as a .Net Developer, I have recently been getting to grips with the build and deployment features of both Teamcity and Octopus Deploy. This has been making me think about the industry buzz word “DevOps” and exactly what that means.